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Through an authentic expression and a personal, charismatic touch, NADAYANA is translating the voice of rare and exotic musical instruments like Pantam (aka Handpan) and Gong into a momentum that restamblish the connection between artist and sound.

Nadayana from the sanskrit “nadam” (the inner sound found in deep meditation , a manifestation of Om , Aum, Amen ) and “yana” (path/ way – towards that state of contemplation ) is an invitation to rediscover the inner music beyond what we hear with our physical ears, a mirror to see a more authentic version of ourself.

Having released the debut official video, “Towards the Light” in 2016, the fans of pantam music were introduced to a new flavor that soon gained recognition and appreciation. What made it special was the combination of pantam with Thailandese Gongs – a world premiere. The beautiful cinematography and lush gong sounds brought a fresh approach in this genre without overtaking the leading sounds of the pantam, as other instruments tend to do. Its like joining the earth and the heaven, the ancient and the contemporary, the obvious and the subtle into a wider palette of healing soundscapes.

Soon after the release of the first official video, while on tour for the “Nine” album, the second video “With You” was launched, gaining popularity across the globe. Its trademark of emblematic energy and sensitive expression carried through in all the live shows.



The Hang is a musical instrument in the idiophone class created by Felix Rohner and Sabina Schrer in Bern, Switzerland. The name of their company is PANArt Hangbau AG. The Hang is sometimes referred to as a hang drum, but the inventors consider this a misnomer and strongly discourage its use.

The instrument is constructed from two half-shells of deep drawn, nitrided steel sheet glued together at the rim leaving the inside hollow and creating a distinct ‘UFO shape’. The top side has a center ‘note’ hammered into it and seven or eight ‘tone fields’ hammered around the center. The bottom is a plain surface that has a rolled hole in the center with a tuned note that can be created when the rim is struck.

The Hang uses some of the same basic physical principles as a steelpan, but modified in such a way as to act as a Helmholtz resonator. The creation of the Hang was the result of many years of research on the steelpan and other instruments. The inventors of the Hang have continued to refine the shape and materials and have produced several variations over the years.



Pantam (aka Handpan) is the name for the family of steel pans inspired by the original Hang. It’s like saying “guitar”, and there are several types of Pantam:

The ones we have are made by Viktor Levinson somewhere close to Saint Petersburg, Russia. The instrument looks almost identical to the Hang, but it is slightly bigger in diameter, and it can have nine notes instead of seven or eight of the Hang. The big difference is in the sound timbre which is extremly refined. It is truly a “Stradivarius” among the acoustic steel pans.



Traditional Thai Gongs have been used for millenia in temples during ceremonies or for healing. The deep resonant sound can influence the audience even from a molecular level. The unique blend of the mid-high registered Hang and Pantam together with the very low Gong makes a complete and complex soundscape both in therms of frequecy coverage and harmony. Pantam & Gong music is the new Metal Music! )

Projects & Collaborations


In February 2015, Claudiu Lazarciuc recorded the scores for The Boatman a FilmPunk USA production. The story keeps the audience in suspense until the end, on subjects about life and death, the bridge between these two worlds, the metaphysics of human responsibility, and about what we leave behind as a spiritual heritage. The premiere was supported by Shoreline Entertainment in September 2015 at Toronto Film Festival.


In luna februarie 2015 Claudiu Lazarciuc inregistreaza coloana sonora a filmului “The Boatman” – o productie FilmPunk USA. Este o poveste care tine publicul spectator in suspans pana la sfarsit pe teme despre viata si moarte, despre puntea dintre aceste lumi, despre metafizica responsabilitatii in fata umanitatii, despre ceea ce lasam in urma noastra ca si mostenire spirituala. Premiera a fost sustinuta de Shoreline Entertainment la Festivalul de Film de la Toronto in luna septembrie 2015.




In spring 2012, the well-known Romanian choreographer Razvan Mazilu launched a new and exclusive concept of performance: Dance Delivery, a project realized in collaboration with the Prima Ballerina of Bucharest National Opera, Monica Petrica and the musician Claudiu Iulian Lazarciuc. The project brings together on the stage the unique sound of the rare musical instrument called the Hang, and the contemporary dance in a form that is meant to blow away the barrier between artist and audience.


Coregraful Razvan Mazilu lanseaza un nou concept, exclusivist, de performance: Dance Delivery, proiect realizat in colaborare cu prim-balerina Operei Nationale din Bucuresti, Monica Petrica si cu muzicianul Claudiu Iulian Lazarciuc. Proiectul aduce impreuna pe scena sound-ul unic al instrumentului muzical rar numit Hang si dansul contemporan intr-o forma care are menirea sa stearga granita dintre artist si public.



Al Film dal Nicolin (The Film of Nicolin) is a documentary made by regizor Olmo Cerri based in Lugano, Switzerland. In March 2011, Claudiu Lazarciuc recorded the score for this film which tells the story of Nicolin, a bohemian elder. In his youth he decided to live a nomadic life in the mountains, far away from the noise of the big cities. Together with his wife and kids, Nicolin talks about the spiritual richness of a life lived in nature, returning to simplicity, and a life lived as a piece of art.


“Al Film dal Nicolin” (Filmul lui Nicolin) este un film documentar realizat de regizorul Olmo Cerri din Lugano, Elvetia. In luna martie 2011, Claudiu Lazarciuc a inregistrat coloana sonora pentru acest proiect in care se trateaza povestea lui Nicolin, un batran boem care inca din tinerete si-a propus sa traiasca o viata nomada in munti, departe de galagia oraselor. Impreuna cu sotia si copiii sai, Nicolin vorbeste in acest film despre bogatia spirituala a vietii in natura, despre reintoarcerea simplitate, despre o viata traita ca o opera de arta.




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